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“Best lighter I've ever owned. Bar none.”


“It works like a charm. I love that thing.“


“Best butane lighter I've used.”


““Blazer is the best torch lighter there is. This is very reliable. The best lighter for cigar lovers.”


“My first one lasted 11 years”


“You can sweat pipes with it - how cool is that?”


“No refill problems - this one is big!”


“Man, do I look cool firing up my cigarette with it”


“Blazer is the best. I have a PB 207 that I have had for years and it still works like a champ.  Other brands can't hold a flame (he he) to Blazer.”


“I find these to be the best lighters I have used.”


“I love my Blazer, great lighter. “


“I somehow dropped my lighter in my Hot Tub. It was in water for over twenty four hours, and the darn thing is still working flawlessly.  Blazer lighters are way too tough”


“I still have three of the first. I just love them.”


“I have had one since 1998. It’s been through the wash twice and still works fine!”


“My blazer is the most reliable lighter I've had”


“I love this lighter”


“A wonderful, fine solid product. “


“The best I have ever found”


“I reply on my torch on a daily basis”


“Not just for cigars, we pipe smokers use them too.”


“I can always depend on my Blazer “


“Your little torch has been a big hit”


“A legend among my family and friends.”


“Trouble free for 9 + years!”


“Mahalo (thanks) for making such a fine product. “


“I just wanted to take the time to tell how much I love your products.”


“My blazer is about 15 yrs old and still works great”


“I love the lighter.  Yesterday I dropped it on a concrete floor.  The lighter still works”


“It has worked flawlessly!”


“I've had it since 1999 and it's done its duty. “


“I wanted to thank you for the years of reliable service I've obtained from my micro torch. I had it for about 12 years”


“Sirs I have had one of your torches for over 20 years. There is no other torch on the market that can compare to it. I have used it almost daily for all these years.”


“Thanks for making such a terrific product.”


“It has been the best lighter I've ever owned”


“I really need to get one of these....”


Testimonials on our new Top-Z Dual Torch Flame Insert


"This is an awesome upgrade"


"This sucker lights every time, burns hot fast, lights upside down and stays lit at any angle"


"Better then lighters costing ten times more"


"Ample Flame. Works fine"


"Fits my case perfectly. It lights first click every time"

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