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  • Over 2 decades ago the Blazer brand ignited the lighter industry with The PB207 Torch Lighter. Featuring the same quality and craftsmanship found in its industrial line of torches, The Torch was the first of its kind and is recognized the world over as the first blue flame torch lighter. Building on that brand, Blazer Products continues to expand the choices available in the lighter industry with some of the most innovative lighters available anywhere.
  • Serving the professional hand tool market for over 29 years, the Original Blazer line of butane torches are recognized the world over for quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed reliability.
    Featuring state-of-the-art piezo crystal instant ignition systems and made from the finest quality components, the Blazer brand of torches introduced the world to the first fully self-contained portable micro torch, setting an industry standard that continues to this day.
    From mechanics, electricians, plumbers and more, the name Blazer has become the most trusted in the market.
  • The Blazer Products retail line of torches takes the same industrial grade tools trusted for over 29 years and offers them in new home friendly versions suitable for both the Professional and the Home User. Featuring the same unsurpassed quality you've come to expect from Blazer as well as a new and innovative child resistant mechanism that provides peace of mind in any environment. From the workshop to the home, Blazer Products continues to offer new and exciting choices whatever your needs may be.

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